Author Topic: A realization:Why they removed the transformed aspect with the racing sequel  (Read 1822 times)

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So these recent footages have looked quite dope and i'm pretty much on board, but i'm not gonna lie that I miss the transformed aspect

Let's admit tho having 3 learning curves in a game was never going to be accesable to a larger crowd and has made sonic racing transformed a very hardcore game compared to other kart (party) racers. I think it makes sense that they removed the transformed aspect after thinking about it, alltho I will say that riding a boat didn't have to be removed.

So what do you guys think about Sonic team racing as the sequel of transformed? After seeing the tracks I think missing the SEGA aspect is a bit of a loss, BUT, I missed me some sonic stuff so a focus on revisisting sonic places is something i'm down for.
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After seeing this trailer, where we can customize our cars

I think it'd be too much effort for them if the customization had to be implemented in planes and boats too.

Getting rid of the transformed aspects mean they can focus on the new aspects.